Applications for land, sea and air transport

• Depots
• Road tankers
• Tank container
• Rail tanks
• Filling stations
• Tankers

Flexible hoses
Kenfitt srl offers a wide range of flexible hoses made of different materials to suit in the best way all the requirements for the transfer of fluids. Our range of hoses is designed and manufactured according to the most common standards as EN12115, EN1765, EN13765, BS5842:1980, ISO10380
Rubber flexible hoses are available for suction and delivery with Epdm,  Nbr,Viton®, UPE, Ptfe lining in accordance to DIN-BS-EN specifications.
Composite hoses offer some benefits as lightness, flexibility and resistance to low temperatures so they are used in chemical, petrochemical and  avio markets. They are manufactured with polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamide and Ptfe/Ectfe films between the internal and external metallic wires. They are available from DN 1” to DN 10” with pressure range 7-25 bar in accordance to the model. The Fire Safe version it is also available.
Stainless steel flexible hoses. AISI 316L corrugated flexible hoses with stainless steel AISI 304 external braid as reinforcement are available from DN 1/4” to DN 8” for application mainly in chemical and iron industry. The design of the hoses is in accordance to the specific requirements of the customers, so they are available with different end connections types and material.
At Kenfitt warehouse is available a complete range of fittings, flanges and couplings. They are used to make a connection between an hose to a tank truck, to a vessel or to a reactor. Common fittings are manufactured in accordance to the international standards, Mil, DIN and EN.
The common available materials are: aluminum, brass, stainless steel AISI 304, 316, 361 Ti and Polypropylene.
he couplings are available into these different types: CAMLOCK, EN 14420-6, Guillemin, Storz, Weco, DIN11851.
Fort Vale is the worldwide leading brand for the production of complete equipment for road tankers, rail tankers and tank containers manufactured in compliance with industry regulations.
The product range includes discharge valves, ball valves and butterfly valves, safety valves, burst discs, manholes, fittings, gaskets and spare parts.
The widespread presence in the world of the company, or its representatives, assures a prompt assistance for the solution of the problems and supply of spare parts in order to allow continuous effectiveness to the operators.
Todo Matic, Todo Gas & 4” API RP1004
Dry Break couplings are used during all transfer operations with chemical and petrochemical fluids that require the highest care and attention for the operators and the environment safety.
Since thirty years Dry Break couplings are used in a simple and safe way in order to reduce to the minimum the risk of accidents due to human mistakes when the connection/disconnection of the systems for loading-unloading as flexible hoses or loading arms without leakage of fluids or vapours.
Our range includes: Todo Matic® couplings commonly used in the petrochemical markets, Todo Gas® couplings used in the LPG market and 4” API RP1004 used for transfer of fuel and diesel fuel.
The turbine flow meter Flexicompt is a portable, simple and reliable tool designed for monitoring the unloading of tankers of petrol and diesel. No pump or power are required and  it is easily connected to the vehicle by means of the quick couplings supplied. The headboard digital collects data found which are downloaded to your computer via USB connection. MID certification attests the accuracy of the instrument.
The refueling nozzles for fuels (petrol, diesel and AdBlue) are available in different versions and can be used on dispensers, hose reels, storage tanks and other uses. Lightweight and comfortable, with a vapor recovery system or drip valve, are usually equipped with swivel joint and adapted with different end fittings to meet the strictest safety requirements in transfer operations.