Dry Break couplings, flexible hoses, fuelling nozzles, vessels and cartridges.

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The first choice for the industrial and API coupler are available in aluminium, gunmetal and stainless steel 316L with special materials such as hastelloy C276. Sizes: 1” (DN 25) to 6” (DN 150). Certifications: .VdTÜV under test approval mark TÜ.AGG.162-93 towards ADR, RID, IMDG and TA-Luft classifi cations. European directives PED 2014/68/CE and ATEX 2014/34/UE NATO STANAG 3756.
Dry Break TODO-MATIC® 105mm (2.1/2”-3” BSP female)
This coupling is generally used for loading /unloading of road tankers during aviation applications.
TODO ISO45 2.1/2” Ground Unit
Hose couplers for aviation fuel bunkering and transfers. TODO-45 hose coupler is fully interchangeable with existing connections.
Todo 9500 1½“ Sampling & Drain Unit STANAG 3756
Equipped with a TODO-MATIC® (STANAG 3756) tank unit and pressure equalizing and relief valve, it is used in airport hydrant systems as follows:
• Sampling- installed at a convenient point on a riser from the main hydrant line.
• Venting- installed at a high point in the hydrant line.
• Draining- installed at a low point in the hydrant line.
TODO ball valve
Lightweight ball valves offer obvious weight saving benefits to the road tanker industry and fixed Lplant or mobile fuelling applications, especially where compartment switching is required.
All sizes 2”- 3”- 4” are available with pneumatic actuation in either single or double acting form.
Flexible aviation hoses
Lightweight and flexible, they are used for aircraft’s refueling and tank truck’s unloading operations. Suitable for transfer of aviation fuels as Jet-A1, JP5, JP8 and all fuels with aromatic content up to 50%, they have working pressure up to 20bar (delivery) and vacuum 0,85bar (by grade E).
A continuous marking along the hose, fluorescent marking for visibility during night operations, is available at request, shows the correspondence to the following specifications API 1529, EN 1361, BS 3158, NFPA 407, AS 2683 e VG 95955 (Standard German Military). Each hose length is delivered complete of serial number and test certificate.
DANOIL – Composite hoses
The composite hoses are, for their high flexibility and lightness, appreciated by operators in some road tankers’  unloading  operations. Available in DN3 “and 4” they have internal aluminum wire and are individually tested and supplied with serial number according to the standard Class I BS 3492BX Aviation.
CLA-VAL coupling
Complete range of nozzles and couplings for underwing refueling and 4” API Hydrant.
The product range is completed by check and automatic control valve available in different materials as aluminum, steel, cast iron and stainless steel.
Approvals for civil and military applications.
EMCO G-180, overwing nozzle
Overwing nozzle built in aluminum – anodized black as per MIL-A-8625F Type II Class 2 – and stainless steel construction without plastic or yellow components.
Available in different configurations having check-valve, speed spouts and other accessories, the nozzle is approved from the main oil companies and military organizations.
FAUDI – filtration
Filters and cartridges manufactured according to EI/API 1581, 1583, 1590TL 4330-0001 specifications, they  are suitable  for aviation refueling in both civil and military field.
The range includes basket filters, micro-filters for dirt and particulates, filters, water separator filters and monitors. Standard materials are carbon steel with epoxy treatment, stainless steel and aluminum.
FAUDI – Sensors
Sensors and electronic control units for controlling the differential pressure and presence of water in the fuel. This technology allows to collect and manage all the pulses (the data can be downloaded to USB and wireless connection) according to the customer’s need.
AFGUARD®: Sensor for the quantification of the water in the fuel and fuel in water.
DPGUARD®: Control unit for detection and calculation of the actual pressure differential over that manage all data pulser.
DPSWITCH: Device for the interruption of the supply to the predetermined pressure differential pressure gauge.