For falls prevention

The work at height of an operator is always very risky but, using the appropriate equipment, it is possible to reduce the risk of falls and accidents.
YellowGate is adaptable in length and direction of reversible oscillation, inside or outside, ensuring a universal mounting to be adapted on walls, angular iron and round tube or square tube all without additional parts to be ordered.
The Malbec tensioner eliminates the risk of spring damage (common in most similar gates) and allows the voltage to be adjusted directly in the field.
No maintenance is required as the system is designed to last.
The SafeRack MAU-I portable platform acts as an escalator with safety basketball protection for inspection or preparation for loading tankers or tankers in any area of the plant.
The portable SafeRack units are easily height-adjustable and highly manoeuvrable, the platform base is exceptionally stable to ensure safety without the risk of tipping over.
SafeRack uses only the highest quality materials in the construction of its portable platforms to ensure reliable operation over time.
Cross Over Stairs ErectAStep is quickly configured to provide safe access to overflow pipes, retaining walls and other obstacles.
Without expensive engineering and manufacturing costs, walkways and work platforms can be created simply by assembling a modular and modular system that guarantees maximum flexibility according to the work requirement.


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