Absorbent materials in polypropylene and emergency kit.

• Aviation depots
• Various types of industries
• Mechanic

Exceptional power of absorption
– (up to 20 times their weight)
Selective absorption: 3 types
– universal, for oil, for chemicals
The use and disposal of polypropylene absorbents make it possible to:
Save time
– easy and quick to use
– no dust or mixtures to collect
Save money
– ensure absolute cleanliness of the surface
– greater control over the quantity of product used
– reduction of the material to be disposed of and energy production
To absorb losses and minor fluid leaks quickly before they are dispersed. To be used in areas where fuel is dispensed or placed at the base of floor containers to catch any leaks. Can also be used for machine cleaning.
For fast application in a large area, to rapidly cover and absorb large areas contaminated by hydrocarbons. To reduce aquatic contamination when it arrives at the shore and for water treatment tanks. Can be used to coat and keep work benches dry.
They reduce dangerous slippage caused by liquids transported from one area to another or close to machinery, loading or unloading bays tankers, where there is pedestrian traffic.
They contain and absorb large losses, to circumscribe the spill on the ground in order to limit the spreading and the pollution of the surrounding area. To be placed beforehand in areas subject to spills, such as drainage channels and water treatment plant collecting tanks. Ideal application near pontoons and loading canopies. They are available in different lengths and can be fastened with each other until the desired length is reached.
To be used for any type of intervention dictated by the emergency, in case of leaks from valves, pipes or tankers. Used together with buffers and barriers to face the spill, they are able to absorb large amounts of liquid quickly.
Granular product suitable for absorbing whole oils, packaged in 12 kg bags, with an absorption capacity of 14.4 liters per bag.
Granular product suitable for absorbing oils in emulsion, packaged in 10 kg bags, with a power of absorption of 13.2 liters per bag.
To be previously placed in the wells of water discharges subject to possible contamination. To be used for maintenance or in case of leaks from valves and pipes. Used together with buffers and barriers to face the spill, they are able to absorb large amounts of liquid quickly. Ideal for interventions on the manhole covers of service stations and at tanker unloading points.
Ideal for sealing the manholes in case of accidental spillage of contaminated products, therefore they guarantee a containment of consequent environmental damage.
The kits can be customized according to customer needs.
They can be used on-board tankers for transporting hydrocarbons and chemical products, at loading / unloading canopies for tankers / tankers, jetties and on board ships and lighters.
Wide use in the industrial field.
Our technical office is at your disposal for any technical clarification request.

Kit A:
Kit in compact bags, equipped with shoulder strap.
» dim. 590x150x500 mm-h.


Kit B:
Kit in transparent compact bags with zip closure.
» dim. 600x400x200 mm-h.


Kit C:
light kit with removable or simply open lid supported by hinges, equipped with hidden and protected wheels, concealed handle.
» dim. 805x430x380 mm-h


Kit D:
Wheeled kits.
» dim. D1= 460x480x920 mm-h
» dim. D2= 580x650x1040 mm-h


Kit E:
Mobile kit.
» dim. 842x602x660 mm-h


Kit F:
Carted mobile kit.
» dim. 650x725x1460 mm-h


Kit H:
Aid for absorbent with double lock.
» dim. H1=540x440x990 mm-h
» dim. H2=920x72x1520 mm-h