Twenty years of experience
in various sectors

Founded in 1999, Kenfitt s.r.l. operates nationally and internationally in the chemical, oil, pharmaceutical, food and industrial sectors.
Our customers are the main oil and chemical companies, engineering companies, transport companies of petrochemical products, industrial plants and services in general, which find in our products range, as well as in our expertise and professionalism, the answers needed to address the problems and applications in warehouses, refineries, process plants, transport, aviation supply, always with the utmost respect for the highest safety standards for operators, for the work environment and maximum efficiency in production.
Our product range includes:
• Flexible hoses in different materials, such as composite, rubber and stainless steel
• Industrial and marine loading arms
• Supply nozzles
• Equipment for tank containers and tankers such as manholes, foot valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, safety valves and fittings in general.
Complete range of couplers for under/over-wing refueling and 4” API Hydrant for connection to the hydrant line. Automatic control valves in different materials, aluminum, steel, cast iron and stainless steel.
Dry break couplings, Break Away valves and ball valves.
Filters and separator / coalescent cartridges, electronic sensors for control of water in the jetfuel.
• Absorbent materials
• Spare parts
The products we treat are at the highest level in terms of quality, technology and safety in all the possible applications for which they have been manufactured and certified.
Since we are focused on customer care and satisfaction, we regularly offer, in addition to sales and technical assistance, technical and updating seminars to be held at our office, or directly at the customer’s premises, for the correct use and maintenance of materials provided or simply for the presentation of new articles.

Kenfitt S.r.l. in 2021 it obtained public subsidies for the verification of which refer to the National Register of State Aids.