Flexible hoses, fittings, dry break TODO, marine and distribution loading arms, safety break away.

• Chemical
• Pharmaceutical
• Depots and Refineries
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• Lubricants
• Off-Shore

Kenfitt srl offers a wide range of flexible hoses made of different materials to suit in the best way all the requirements for the transfer of fluids. Our range of hoses is designed and manufactured according to the most common standards as EN12115, EN1765, EN13765, BS5842:1980, ISO10380.
Rubber flexible hoses are available for suction and delivery with Epdm,  Nbr,Viton®, UPE, Ptfe lining in accordance to DIN-BS-EN specifications.
Composite hoses offer some benefits as lightness, flexibility and resistance to low temperatures so they are used in chemical, petrochemical and  avio markets. They are manufactured with polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamide and Ptfe/Ectfe films between the internal and external metallic wires. They are available from DN 1” to DN 10” with pressure range 7-25 bar in accordance to the model. The Fire Safe version it is also available.
Stainless steel flexible hoses. AISI 316L corrugated flexible hoses with stainless steel AISI 304 external braid as reinforcement are available from DN 1/4” to DN 8” for application mainly in chemical and iron industry. The design of the hoses is in accordance to the specific requirements of the customers, so they are available with different end connections types and material.
PTFE flexible hoses. Corrugated or convoluted flexible hoses with stainless steel AISI 304 external braid as reinforcement are available for applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry or wherever the above mentioned flexible hoses cannot be used.
At Kenfitt warehouse is available a complete range of fittings, flanges and couplings. They are used to make a connection between an hose to a tank truck, to a vessel or to a reactor. Common fittings are manufactured  in accordance  to the international  standards, Mil, DIN and EN.
The common available materials are: aluminum,  brass, stainless steel AISI 304,
316, 361 Ti and Polypropylene. Seals in NBR, HYPALON, VITON®, EPDM, PTFE.
The couplings are available into these different types: CAMLOCK, EN 14420-6, Guillemin, Storz, Weco, DIN11851.
Todo Matic, Todo Gas & 4” API RP1004
Dry Break couplings are used during all transfer operations with chemical and petrochemical fluids that require the highest care and attention for the operators and the environment safety.
Since thirty years Dry Break couplings are used in a simple and safe way in order to reduce to the minimum the risk of accidents due to human mistakes when the connection/disconnection of the systems for loading-unloading as flexible hoses or loading arms without leakage of fluids or vapours.
Our range includes: Todo Matic® couplings commonly used in the petrochemical markets, Todo Gas® couplings used in the LPG market and 4” API RP1004 used for transfer of fuel and diesel fuel.
They are manufactured  in different materials as: aluminum, carbon steel, low temperature steel and stainless steel with swivel joints having seals in accordance with the used products or in general according to the customer specifications.
Different accessories as steam or electric heating systems, sensors and devices for the correct connection or positioning, filling safety devices, control and remote control systems for the arm movements, emergency release systems, Dry Break couplings, telescopic drop tube are available for an efficient use of your loading arm.
Precise balancing system and swivel joints are the most important part of a loa- ding arm so EMCO WHEATON has developed the swivel joint type D2000 which is considered innovative at all for its high qualitative standard that gives to the arm an optimal and continuous efficiency.
Break away valves are used with flexible hoses and loading arms to prevent emergency situations that could happen during the load and unload phases from a fixed point, on a plant, to a mobile point a the tank truck, rail tank car or tanker.
Due to an unintentional  movement  during the loading or unloading process of a tank truck, rail tank car, ship/barge, the separation in two halves of the valve happens. Just before, or during the separation, the two non-return  valves in the couplings close hermetically in order to prevent the leakage of the fluid. Break Away valves are manufactured in two different versions, with the unlock system by a steel cable or with the rupture of break pins setted at a fixed load.
The Break-Away  valves are manufactured  in aluminum,  brass/bronze,  stainless steel, AISI 316,  Hastelloy and with a wide range of elastomers  as Viton®,  Epdm, Nbr, Chemraz®  and Kalrez®. Executions with BSP/NPT threaded ends or EN/ASA flanged. Working pressure 10-25 bar in accordance to the used materials.