Filters for diesel, petrol, aviation fuel and lubricating oils, centrifuges, filters for industrial use.

• Depots
• Refuellerse
• Refineries
• Filling stations

Filters for diesel, petrol, aviation fuel and lubricating oils.
Available with various capacities starting from the MPF model, with a capacity from 34 lpm to 110 lpm (ideal for oil columns and small dispensers), to the VDF model from 150 to 300 lpm (for columns and service stations) and 190 lpm FW9 model at 580 lpm (for service stations and small deposits).
The cartridges are available with ratings of 1, 5, 10, 25 Micron and can be of FILTER type, MONITOR (absorbent) or COALESCENTS / SEPARATRICS.
Their function is to eliminate dirt, water and algae that are found in the indicated fluids.
The filters can be used on fixed installations or on trolleys and skids so that they can be used to clean the fuel directly in the tanks and tanks.
The centrifuge is a simple installation system and is used to separate dirt, bacteria and water from the diesel free state.
Different models are available, for small and high flow rates, to be installed directly on the motors (1.9 lpm range) up to industrial use (capacity up to 1,500 lpm).
For their operation, the replacement of cartridges or other parts is not required and maintenance is reduced to simple cleaning when necessary.
The centrifuge finds its ideal application in combination with the filters since, used as a pre-filter system, it acts by eliminating the most substantial part of the impurities thus allowing a longer life and efficiency of the cartridges.
Horizontal or vertical filters for industrial use, with application at depots and refineries.
It is possible to reach flow rates up to 500 MC / h and the vessels can be made according to customer needs.
The filters can be made of carbon steel internally painted epoxy or stainless steel.
The cartridges on completion are available with ratings of 1, 5, 10, 25 Micron and can be of FILTERING, MONITOR (absorbent) or COALESCENT / SEPARATRIC type and are used to eliminate dirt, water and algae.
The aviation fuel filters are manufactured and supplied in accordance with the most recent EI 1581 reference standard.
The filter elements are available in the complete range, both as a type and as a dimension. The cartridges are divided into FILTERS exclusively for dirt, MONITOR / absorbent for water and dirt, COALESCENTS / SEPARATORS for water and dirt, CLAY for the elimination of sulfating agents and additives present in the fuel.
The filtration degree ranges from 0.5 Micron (for aviation fuel according to EI / API specifications), to 5, 10, 25 Microns for diesel, petrol and oils (hydraulic, lubricants, hydrocarbons in general). To guarantee an always correct degree of filtration and quality of the filtered product, the cartridges must be replaced when exhausted.
In the case of SEPARATRIC cartridges they are considered permanent and it is possible to reuse them after a thorough cleaning.
FAUDI cartridges can also be installed inside filters of other manufacturers, in this case a “certificate of similarity” will be provided and a new plate to be affixed to the filter.