Loading arms for every necessity.

EMCO WHEATON’s product range includes industrial loading arms with top and bottom loading configurations, floating arms for any storage tanks, marine loading arms folding stairway and safety systems for top loading operations.
They are manufactured  in different materials as: aluminum, carbon steel, low temperature steel and stainless steel with swivel joints having seals in accordance with the used products or in general according to the customer specifications.
Different accessories as steam or electric heating systems, sensors and devices for the correct connection or positioning, filling safety devices, control and remote control systems for the arm movements, emergency release systems, Dry Break couplings, telescopic drop tube are available for an efficient use of your loading arm.
Precise balancing system and swivel joints are the most important part of a loa- ding arm so EMCO WHEATON has developed the swivel joint type D2000 which is considered innovative at all for its high qualitative standard that gives to the arm an optimal and continuous efficiency.


• Tankers
• Depots
• Rail tanks

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